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Beth Dawson

Dr. Beth Dawson is a highly experienced bilingual communication expert, teacher, coach, speaker and NLP practitioner originally from the UK and currently residing in Paris with her French husband and two teenagers.

With over 20 years of experience in corporate communications and 15 years of teaching in higher education, she is qualified to work with adolescents and adults.

Beth works internationally with individuals and families, also offering a range of coaching solutions to schools and businesses.

In 2016, she established her private coaching and consultancy practice, where she enjoys working with individual clients and running group programs, such as her foundation course, “Better Connections with Teens,” during which she explains her own unique method called BRACE© which uses NLP coaching techniques to help parents connect with their teenagers.

She is passionate about helping parents find ways to connect with their teens during what can sometimes be a challenging time for the whole family.

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I Hate My Teen: Managing Taboo Feelings with NLP Coaching Techniques




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