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Jo Creed and Annette Bradley

Jo Creed has been working within healthcare for over 17 years. With her foundations in human psychology, she has gone on to combine the skills and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Behavioural Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Motivational Interviewing to empower health professionals, patients and those who provide care and support in challenging environments. She is also a NLP Trainer and co-founder of Beyond Training Solutions Ltd.

Annette Bradley is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, NMC registered Tutor and Director of MA Training Enterprise who works in Primary care. She has been a Senior Lecturer for the University of Wolverhampton for over a decade. Her 30 years’ experience as a Practice Nurse revealed to her how difficult it was to access training and that Training and Education was very ad hoc and that there was a wide Practice-Theory gap. 

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