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The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd (TLC) was formed by Jeremy Lazarus in 1999. TLC delivers high-quality NLP and Coach training, and its courses are accredited / recognised by the following bodies:

  • ANLP International

  • The Association for Coaching

  • The ILM (Part of City & Guilds)

  • The Institute for Leadership & Management

  • A UK University (for credits towards post-graduate qualifications and an MA in NeuroCoaching.

It also delivers Executive & Leadership coaching & development. Its founder, Jeremy Lazarus, is a qualified accountant and corporate treasurer, and prior to 1999 held senior finance and management consultancy positions. Since 1999, Jeremy has become an NLP Master Trainer, a Master Executive coach, a best-selling author and has an MA in Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming.

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