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A Deeper Dive into [Leadership] Archetypes - Transforming Shame into Success

Robbie Steinhouse & Nick Fragkias

2022 Conference

The purpose of this talk is to ‘breathe life’ into the heady concept of archetypes so you can use them practically with NLP and coaching. Archetypes are a popular concept in Dilts’ and Delozier’s 3rd Generation NLP, influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell, Carol Pearson and Stephen Gilligan.

Archetypes, or universal human energies, have a long tradition in Jungian therapy and, more generally, in literature. Shadows, or the problematic manifestation of archetypes, fit elegantly into the NLP concepts of ‘problem states’ and ‘positive intention’. These ideas inspired Robbie to create his own archetype model called the Leadership Matrix, covered in his book Mindful Business Leadership. Nick’s archetype model comes from the complimentary idea of groups of archetypes that fit into four ‘categories’ – Water, Air, Fire and Earth – which he has used as part of his leadership training over many years.

Combining Nick and Robbie’s models with demonstrations and somatic exercises will provide some deep and powerful insights from their over 50 collective years of teaching.

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