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Alcohol Free with NLP

Janey Lee Grace

2022 Conference

Alcohol Free with NLP - The rise of the 'sober curious' discusses how perceptions around drinking alcohol are changing.  

There is a growing trend of people choosing to become 'mindful drinkers' and many calling time on alcohol altogether. Those at 'rock bottom' tend to seek alcohol services aimed at the clinically dependent, but a far greater number of people are actually 'Grey Area Drinkers', people who are drinking more than they want to, but are caught in the Alcohol Trap.    

You will learn how simple NLP techniques can help you and your clients to understand the importance of mindset, reframe their limiting beliefs and change their relationship with alcohol.    You may be inspired to ask yourself, 'could my life be better physically and emotionally without the booze?' and if you answer is a resounding Yes, I will aim to inspire you to join the growing number of sober heroes

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