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Can Models and Theories Co-Exist

Robbie Steinhouse

2021 Conference

This session will help you address the philosophical and psychological questions that naturally arise during NLP trainings and sessions. As NLP evolved, models such as Dilts’ Logical Levels inevitably led to questions around purpose and meaning. How do you answer these?  Many of the models in NLP are influenced by established psychological approaches, yet these are strangely hidden. How can you use these ideas to give your presentations and sessions more impact? This session will also give you some practical examples of how to frame NLP processes and the presuppositions using principles from Transactional Analysis, existential psychotherapy and other psychotherapeutic approaches.

You will learn...

how to integrate NLP 'Parts' with the Parent Adult Child (PAC) model from Transactional Analysis in presentations and coaching sessions.

the PAC model and how it relates to Freud's Superego, Ego and Id model.

some powerful quotes and ideas from existential psychotherapy to use along side processes, such as the Hero's Journey, Logical Levels and the Grief into Gratitude pattern.

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