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Change Your Questions

Bernadette Bruckner

2021 Conference

Asking good questions is essential working with clients. Working with energies and consciousness based on the subconscious knowledge is another way of clearing and healing topics which might be not so easy to discover. If you change your questions, you can change your consciousness about what else is possible in coaching and therapy! If we know what we actually know based on the subconscious awareness we can "heal" topics which were not possible to clear before. How come? Due my own life story I was wondering which kind of therapy or coaching would work for me to clear my topics as fast as possible and for good! As i couldn't find anything what is suitable for me, I begun to do research and create on my own my style of coaching/therapy combined with today's science using NLP as basis. Through empowering my clients that they discover what they know without any complicated methods and hypnosis, we go together on a journey of trusting ourselves again. Since childhood and further on our education we learn to listen to others but not ourselves. I only show my clients how to listen to themselves, their intuition and their body intelligence to use 100% of their consciousness... we know even when we believe we don't know. even when others believe we don't know. We still know. Our soul mind body. - if we just listen! Listen to your body intelligence again. It's our birth right for unleashing our full potential of "I AM". Be simply you, no matter what, nothing else matters.

You will learn...

about awareness; neuroplasticity and neuro science combined with neuro-/psycho linguistics and health communication / a bridge between praxis and theory/models and science based information.

"hands-on"-methods and created resilience methods which are easy to implement in your daily work with clients as well give clients those methods for empowering them.

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