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Creation Cycle: Using the energy cycles of the body to create the change you want

Richard Bolstad

2025 Masterclass


Experience and use an integrated body-mind model of personality differences; Learn 3 ancient Chinese meditations utilizing multiple core NLP skills at once; Use researched techniques to alter your brain state and create abundant energy; Tap into the natural cycles of change in your body-mind; Integrate what NLP calls “core states” to deepen their experience beyond expectations.


As an archaeologist and a psychotherapist, Richard is looking for the biopsychosocial commonalities that connect human beings in different times and places. Occasionally he discovers profoundly transformational techniques that have been side-lined by overzealous “progress” and are ready to re-emerge with new research to validate them.

The traditional Chinese healing system sometimes seems esoteric to modern experience, because we are used to separating body and mind, to dividing individual self and collective consciousness. Coping with the stresses of economic, health and political challenges pulls these aspects of our experience further away from each other, as we try to cope with each aspect separately. Richard studied Chinese Qigong using his knowledge as a Registered Nurse and using the tools of NLP (modelling metaprograms, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic representations; using anchoring, submodality shifts, physiological changes and reframing).

Richard will show you how these ancient insights can be used to quickly benefit you in relationships, in dealing with the emotional challenges of daily life, and in creating profound states of bliss and oneness. You will learn 3 practical techniques, all involving body awareness, that can be repeated, and shared with clients, to resolve emotional challenges and create lasting change. These processes are amongst the greatest treasures humanity’s past has revealed.

Learning Outcomes:

· Assess personality using the Chinese 5 phases as a body-mind equivalent of Metaprograms.

· Integrate the 5 phases and the core states they generate, using 3 guided VAK processes.

· Utilize the 5 primary “negative” emotions as valuable signals identifying needed changes.

· Utilize mind-body patterns that are deeper than symptoms, in your client work and personal life.

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