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Empower Yourself with Your Creative Mind

Julian Russell

2022 Conference

Creative Mind is the latest evolution of Milton Erickson’s work, designed for coaches, therapists and for your own personal resourcing practices. Developed by Steve Gilligan PhD., it consists of state-of-the-art developments from NLP and Erickson’s work. Steve was at the beginning of NLP and shared a house with Judith Delozier, Leslie Cameron and Frank Pucelik, before specialising in Milton Erickson and becoming a premier teacher of Ericksonian psychotherapy. His work has gone through various evolutions, and he recently founded the Generative Change movement and International Association for Generative Change with Robert Dilts.

Creative Mind emphasises Generative States and welcomes emotional difficulty and resistance to change as resources rather than as obstacles. It includes Gebser’s Integral Theory, and views each of us as subsystems of our communities, the natural world, the biosphere and “the ever-present origin”.

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