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Environmental Psychology 101 - Are you Eco Literate?

Lizzi Larbalestier

2022 Conference

As we move through and into a phase of ‘post pandemic’, we are navigating a new normal. The world in 2022 is a very different place to that of 2020: one where the therapeutic value of nature as a health provider is more widely acknowledged, utilised and, to a certain extent, ‘exploited’. We all know nature impacts our mind, mood and behaviour – but how, exactly? What is going on within and between us when we spend time in nature?

In this session, together we will explore environmental psychology 101 and the synergies with NLP – diving into the psychological, social, physical and even spiritual impact and influences of nature-time, with emphasis upon time in blue space – water-centric locations. Importantly, as ANLP’s special envoy, this session will also touch on the nature value equation – how an eco-centric approach to time in nature shifts perspective from exploitative of nature to synergistic with nature. Asking not only what can nature do for you – but also what can you do for nature.

This session will encourage you to take yourselves and your NLP practice outdoors and enable you to begin the journey of working with and for nature, and perhaps provoking your curiosity to learn more.

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