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Freedom from Anxiety using Wingrave Coaching - An Introduction

Caroline Rushforth

2022 Conference

What will you gain from this session? 

You will gain knowledge about the impact of unprocessed emotion in both the physical and mental body. You will understand how spikes of arousal in the brain cause long term mental health challenges (anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias). 

You will learn about the function of neurons and neural pathways and how they create subconscious healing when used in Wingwave® coaching. You will learn about right brain vs left brain – logic vs emotion – and what happens when it’s out of balance. You will gain knowledge and understanding about the healthy function of the vagus nerve and the impact on well-being. You will learn some tools and techniques to use with clients in the areas of stress and anxiety, 

Finally, you will gain an understanding of one of the most highly advanced and effective techniques in coaching when combined with NLP.

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