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Generative Coaching - Creative and Sustainable Change

Judith Lowe

2022 Conference

This practical, interactive session is a brief introduction to the exciting new field of Generative Change developed in creative collaboration by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan. 

The Generative Change approach weaves together, complements, integrates and transcends the absolute best of their outstanding research and teaching over forty years in Systemic NLP and in Self-Relations respectively, and has its foundations in their shared beginnings as students at UCSC with Bandler, Grinder, Erickson and Bateson. 

More than ever, we want to work in ways that support us to be creative and develop new types of solutions to our problems, in a world of constant change and uncertainty. We need workable and practical tools to bring out the creative potential in ourselves and others, and to successfully go forward into the future. 

Generative change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life.

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