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Havening Techniques - A perfect complement to your NLP toolkit

Tony Burgess & Julie French

2022 Conference

Havening Techniques were developed by Drs Ron and Steven Ruden. Tony Burgess and Julie French are two of just a handful of experienced trainers in these methods globally. As standalone techniques steeped in research into neuroscience, the Havening methods are powerful and effective in removing trauma, removing stress and building resilience.

When Havening is combined with NLP, there emerges an incredibly flexible blend that can super-charge your work with clients. Havening adds an electrochemical ‘thumbs up’ to change in the brain and many of the NLP professionals we have trained in Havening say that it has taken their work to a whole new level of effectiveness.

In turn, many of the best Havening practitioners are also NLP trained because the NLP toolkit gives such a wide range of approaches to tackle any challenges and to empower people.

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