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How Technology can Enable your Business to Thrive

Laura Payne-Stanley

2021 Conference

Our love of personal technology is perhaps rivalled only by our fear of change as how to apply it to our business.  Maybe you would like to increase the impact of your NLP based work to reach as many people as possible? Would you like to stop trading time for money and learn the technology and processes that underpins many of the largest NLP organisations in the world? And what would it be like to be able to accelerate your business growth without working more hours? This unique session will lift the lid on the technology and systems that provide the foundations for growing your reach, generating more income without any more customers and move away from 1:1 marketing. 

You will learn...

free technology tools to start streamlining your business straight away.

 what your technology leaks are.

how technology can insightfully manage your potential customers before they purchase.

how to integrate technology with your existing business model.

a sequenced plan for creating your first sales funnel.

how to increase revenue per customer without spending more time.

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