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How the Extended NLP Spelling Strategy Can Eliminate Dyslexia

Olive Hickmott

2023 Conference

You will learn how the NLP Spelling Strategy triggered Olive Hickmott  to extend it to work for everyone;  Dyslexics, those with poor literacy/numeracy,  adults and children alike.  You will learn how to improve spelling, reading, comprehension, handwriting, and so much more in minutes not months.     

Having added skills like how to slow down mental imagery and enable the student to release anxiety, she has now integrated the skills into a self-directed approach, where very young children can "absorb" literacy prior to or in parallel with formal teaching.     

You will learn about the huge strengths of Dyslexic thinking (she now calls 21st Century skills), but at the same time know how to help improve literacy and numeracy for so many.

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