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How to Communicate with your Unconscious

Andrea Frausin

2021 Conference

Professionals in the NLP fields know how important it is to access to the unconscious mind of a client to generate deep and lasting change. "If you do not  involve the unconscious, the change will not occur or last for a very short period of time" emphasises Dr. John Grinder, NLP co-founder. In this session you will be introduced to a step by step procedure to facilitate access to the unconscious mind. This pattern is very useful to assist the client in becoming more independent in accessing their unconscious mind without the need to have a coach/hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner doing so. And more, it gives you the ability to learn how to elegantly and effectively access your own unconscious mind for better results and satisfaction, building day by day a deeper and stronger congruency. You will hear my personal experiences in using the pattern both in self application and with clients. Easily and elegantly accessing to the unconscious mind is a strategic skill for every person interested in using NLP effectively. If you want to learn a special method to do that, this is the session for you.

You will learn...

a specific step by step method to facilitate (in yourself and in others) access to the unconscious mind elegantly and promoting independence.

principles and experiences about how to develop and deepen the connection with the unconscious mind.

how to build stronger congruency using the communication with the unconscious

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