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How to Create Happiness without a Filter

Laura Rigby

2022 Conference

Empower yourself by creating happiness without a filter. 

How are you? ~ You’re tired of pretending you are ‘fine’ ~ You’re ready to take control of your own health ~ You’re exhausted from worrying ~ You overthink and procrastinate on daily tasks ~ You want to be more than okay! ~ You have a loud negative inner voice that stops you from doing positive tasks and prompts negative actions ~ You don’t know how to switch it off and relax ~ You’re ready to be HAPPY! You know all the stuff, and you’re fed up with all the fluff!

Through stories and tough love, it’s all you know in a way you’ve never heard it before! Hold onto your seat as you’ll hear stories of how to overcome the false filters in a passionate, hilarious presentation that will have you holding your breath at times and feeling like Laura has climbed into your head and read your mind.

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