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Meta States Model

Michael Hall

2021 Conference

When you think about, experience, and/or model the special kind of consciousness that we humans have - self-reflexivity of consciousness, you are working with states-about-states, Meta-States. This gives you the structure of Mindfulness, the ability to construct logical levels to support your most optimal states, the ability to model complex states and experiences, and much more. The Meta-States Model was discovered while modelling “resilience” (1990-1994) and powerfully explains the hidden frames behind most of the NLP models and patterns - how they actually work.  Also, to model complex states requires working with many variables over time (e.g., resilience, leadership, health, etc.). Discover how to access high quality states of mindfulness and advanced modelling of systemic states.

You will learn...

how to access and work with self-reflexive consciousness for higher levels of resourcefulness.

how to access states of mindfulness for expanded perspective.

the art of texturing the quality of your states.  

advanced modelling of complex states/experiences.

the model that has given depth and quality to all of the basic NLP patterns and processes.

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