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Milton patterns as the gateway to quantum consciousness - The Human Interactive System�

Marc McDermott

2022 Conference

The structure of your language IS the structure of your consciousness. The way you think and speak literally alters your thalamus, which in turn alters how you perceive reality. You can unlock this by learning the system.

Milton Patterns is the part of NLP training that people seem most in a rush to get past. But when you take the time to notice the true beauty of their application it will reward you forever with insight into your life and the lives of those you live, work and play with.

Firstly, you will learn the Milton Patterns themselves, but packaged in such a way that it’s really easy to understand and utilise. This will lead you away from getting caught up in the content language of communication, and focused instead fully on the process language, so you become more magical in your communications.

Secondly, what I intend to make explicit are the patterns behind the Milton Patterns themselves, and then to take you much further than that, into the realm of consciousness itself on multiple levels. This will be a highly experiential workshop with practical exercises designed to help you encounter your own reality in a refreshing and liberating way.

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