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Mind Scams: Who's in Charge?

Wendy Sullivan & Paul Field

2021 Conference

Are you entirely happy with your eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, money spending and Instagram-checking? Are you a stranger to procrastination?  No? Join the club! We've all decided on a strategy, not done it, been annoyed and resolved to behave better - and then repeated the pattern, over and over again. Why do we keep sabotaging our well-being?  It's Mind-scams - devious tricks our mind plays to get instant gratification, ensuring we ignore what helps us achieve our outcome. They wreck our lives and are magnified hundredfold in organisations. In this interactive session, discover your mind's strategies for mis-directing attention, dodge the deception and ... ooo look - a doughnut!


You will learn...

the specific mind-scams with which your mind tricks you.

how to identify your hidden patterns.

a new way to tackle outcomes that keep eluding you or your clients.

a practical process to use straight away in your coaching.

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