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Modelling Planet Advocacy

Lizzi Larbalestier

2023 Conference

When it comes to ensuring decisions are well considered, NLP professionals are perfectly placed to dramatically influence change on a global scale.     

The way we communicate in relation to the health of our planet is something within our power to impact, and if we truly value change-ecology, then planet advocacy has to be placed at the heart of our work.  


During this workshop:   


We will discuss the relationship between “eco attention deficit” and the “eco attention wave”, asking how we can create embodied and consistent intentionality. 


We will have opportunity to explore (SCORE) our own patterns in relation to caring for our environment – asking how and when our sense of connection with nature is dialled up… and what triggers it to be dialled down… and of course how this impacts our behaviour.    

We will look into the models of “activism” and of “advocacy” asking how these relate to one another and the social ripple effects of each… The insights from this having relevance far beyond the topic of environmental guardianship with applications in leadership and team development.    

We will explore the principles of a Circular versus Linear Economy and the wisdom this has to offer all aspects of our life and work for ensuring sustainable and systemically sound product and service development.    

Finally we will aim to reframe our relationship with fossil fuel making personal pledges for Climate Health aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (particularly SDG14)

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