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NLP and Agile: Swipe Right, its a Match

Kerry Nickols

2021 Conference

We are entering the 4th Industrial revolution, coined in 2016 as "the Age of Digital". Essentially, fast paced advances in technology are ultimately altering how we work, how we interact and this is leading to a societal transformation. Agile, as a way of working, is the key that helps unlock business value in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape. Although its history is steeped in software development, you may be surprised to hear how its principles are being used across many different industries and that its success relies heavily on human connection and experience not processes and tools. Expect a fun session with relevant practical applications and opportunities to explore.

You will learn...

the fundamentals of Agile.

how NLP is the essential ingredient.

practical tools combining Agile and NLP that will help in your business, when working with business leaders, teams and individual clients.

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