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NLP Trauma and Laughter

Evelina Dzimanaviciute

2021 Conference

The right level of trust and rapport with your client often creates space for them to open up and share vulnerable information about their past traumatic events and negative experiences. This often rings alarm bells in your own mind and creates tension and blockages in your body, in turn preventing you from being resourceful and fully present. 

This session will equip you with new insights about the neuroscience of trauma and will enable you and your client to take new, positive learnings out of negative experiences. You will learn how to use four archetypes of laughter as a counter-force to trauma, and how to use it to open up new levels of awareness and access intelligence that is often hidden beyond the boundaries of our conscious, rational mind. 

You will be able to explain how trauma is created in our brain, and how our memory of it shapes our current experiences and reactions to external events. You will be able to successfully de-construct neurological patterns of trauma and re-attach new meanings and learnings by utilising laughter. You will also learn four different archetypes of laughter, and how to use them appropriately in a therapeutic context, for deep, transformational work.

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