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Parenting with Less Stress: Raising Resourceful Kids - Developing Meta Programs of/in Children

Gaber Marolt

2022 Conference

Parenting is the task of turning new-borns into responsible, independent and happy adults who will enjoy the freedom and responsibility that life brings and share it with others with whom they will inherit this beautiful planet Earth.

Parenting is in each and every case an experiment, primarily because we are dealing with the process very amiably and because we get hardly any education on the process of parenting. Children are not delivered with their appropriate manuals and we do not have schools for parenting, apart from courses with the most basic instructions – how to change diapers and how not to toss your baby to the ground…

You will understand how important it is with children to place particular emphasis on the development of all individual representational systems, the use of rapport and anchors and of course the development of meta programs. You will see what actions can be taken to ‘grow’ the more useful ones and to what extent, considering possible outcomes.

Children do bring their predispositions to this world, but the key factor is the messages of parents and educators, not by just what they say but even more so by what they do – as has been mentioned often in the work of many authors. The parents’ behaviour is the pattern that is perceived and recorded by the children. Thus you will be able to consciously recognise and act to a desired course in parenting with the awareness of what outcomes certain NLP approaches will bring.

The workshop will have an important emphasis on how this will bring resilience in everyday parenting and educational situations and bring more up moments with your kids while enabling them to have better options in life.

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