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Proactivity Pathways: Break the Procrastination Patterns Using Metaprograms

Bharti Naik

2023 Conference

Being proactive in life leads us to growth and success in life. Yet we don’t do what we want to do. Why we procrastinate despite being important. Then we fall into the web of guilt to get stuck. In this session, we will unleash our ingrained procrastination patterns and break them using metaprograms.  


What will you get from this session –   

1.Identify the elements of your procrastination pattern  

2.Acknowledge and accept the patterns corelating with your metaprograms  

3.Learn to break these patterns by adapting to a different perspective, a new metaprogram  4.Follow the 8 steps system to break and create “pro-pattern” (procrastination to proactivity)

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