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Re-Sourcing Language

Joe Cheal

2021 Conference

Language has a history... but in what ways might the origins of words affect you? Every word you understand (that is stored in your neural network) has a personal, subjective history for you... but every word has its own history too. The English language (for example) has developed through the millennia, experiencing evolution and at times, revolution. Indeed, as language journeyed across the world, it shifted and transmuted. Might it have succumbed to the three ‘Universal Modelling Processes’? In this session you will be exploring the etymology, the derivations and origins of language in order to better understand the potential impact of words. By discovering some of the long buried sources of language, might we also unearth some valuable resources?  This session is not so much about techniques but about understanding. Come along and deepen your experience of the language that surrounds you.

You will learn...

to develop your curiosity of languages.

what hidden gems may be buried in the origins of words. 

what the broader field of linguistics might bring to NLP.

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