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Reframing Performance Conversations: New Models of Leadership

Joe Cheal

2024 Conference

How do you lead someone who is not performing…who lacks motivation…whose attitude and behaviour is no longer acceptable?

One of the most challenging conversations any manager/leader can have…is to give a person feedback when things are ‘not good’.

This interactive session will explore the preparation and structure for such a conversation…and how to deal with defensive behaviours.

You will discover a series of models, tools and frames that Joe has modelled, developed and shared with leaders and managers across hundreds of businesses.

Come along and explore the CLEAR Conversation Model…with plenty of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘how do you…’!

Learning Outcomes

•    Prepare for a performance conversation both practically and psychologically.

•    Use a modelled structure as a framework for a constructive conversation.

​•    Expect and handle potentially 'derailing' defences in order to ‘stay on track’.

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