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Resonance in Coaching: Danger or Opportunity?

Colette Normandeau

2024 Conference

Have you ever supported a client that has a resonant story with yours?  Were you ready for this?  How did you react and deal with the situation?  What are your beliefs about resonance?

To quote Robert Dilts: “We cannot support our clients further than the work we have done on ourselves.” Being a good coach or therapist is not just about knowing the processes, it’s about BEING the change we want to see in the world and in your clients’ lives.

I truly believe our authenticity, integrity and genuine personal transformation are keys to awaken and enrich our excellence, our true lasting effectiveness and positive influence as an NLP trainer, coach or therapist.

Join me to discover the gifts of resonance and powerful processes that have transformed so many client situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn more about the power and preciousness of resonance.

  • Discover the resonance grid to support your understanding.

  • Share together stories of resonance…the good, the mishaps, and the ways to awaken resilience.

  • Learn and live effective tools that transform resonance

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