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Retaining the Strengths of Visual-Spatial-Learners

Olive Hickmott

2024 Conference

Having worked with neurodivergent students for the past 24 years, it is time to address the questions of how we are educating our visual-spatial-leaners.

It is vital to them, our national and global success, that they retain their exceptional skills of creativity, problem-solving, innovation, intuition and so much more.

These are the skills businesses have been requesting for many years and with the increase in AI, they are even more important.  We need to change the emphasis in school onto their strengths and away from the challenges they experience with the current curriculum.  At the very least, a reframe is necessary to retain and develop their strengths, in a classroom that works for everyone.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the strengths of Visual-spatial-learners

  • Learn how many children lose these strengths as they progress to being adults

  • See how these strengths of creativity, problem-solving, innovation, intuition and many more are vital to the world we live in and essential for solving some of today's challenges.

  • ​See how the skills of NLP and Energetic NLP play a vital role in this journey

  • Explore your own experiences and learn how to have conversations with others

  • ​Be challenged to see how you could positively contribute to individuals and the education system.

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