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Selling NLP Training to Organisations

Andy Coley

2024 Conference

Attending this session will help you to illuminate strategies for promoting NLP's transformative power within corporate environments.

We'll deep-dive into how you can articulate the business value of NLP, targeting specific pain points in communication, leadership and personal development that NLP can address.

Drawing on a blend of case studies, brand and marketing tactics and successful sales narratives, I'll equip you with the tools to effectively communicate NLP's merits, overcoming objections and convert corporate decision-makers into staunch advocates for this game-changing methodology.

This talk offers essential insights for any NLP Practitioner through to Trainer seeking to broaden their influence in the corporate world.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to make money by running NLP Training

  • The importance of NLP in the workplace

  • ​Marketing Strategies for NLP

  • ​Selling into Corporate tactics

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