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Somatic Intelligence

Judith Lowe

2021 Conference

There’s wisdom in the body and knowledge in the muscle. The life of the body is our real life and a deep source of intelligence and joy. In NLP physicality, embodied knowledge and movement is at the core of a skilful approach to learning, relationships, problem-solving, creativity and change. Our mind-body thinks, communicates, processes and patterns information. In this session you'll be exploring some new somatic approaches to enriching your coaching and NLP skills - including practical and fun ideas from New Code NLP, Somatic Syntax, Generative Coaching, Expert Modelling, Mindfulness of Movement, and some input from my own regular somatic practice in the Alexander Technique.      

You will learn...

to build awareness and more distinctions and knowledge of the way your body holds and communicates information.

how the body is a representational system in its own right with its own 'rules' and patterns.

how NLP techniques and approaches are enhanced by a deeper and more subtle  connection to the body and to movement.

more about Somatic Intelligence and how you can develop and utilise it.

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