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State of Emergence-y: Does NLP Need to Evolve Beyond the PS-DO Model?

Reb Veale

2023 Conference

The basis of the NLP change model is Present State to Desired Outcome and it’s certainly a deeply transformational change from staying in problem.  However, in the current maelstrom in which we are living; do well-formed outcomes take us beyond the immediate issue?   

Living through a greater rate and volume of change than ever before in human history; human becomings are seeking to navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world in which we all live.  So perhaps now is the time to be even more client-led, to help them to transcend what they can imagine from the filters of the present (often problem) state, to pace them to their own emergent wisdom.    

Using tools from NLP, mBraining and embodied metaphor, this interactive and practical exploration session will ask big questions of where NLP goes next in service of our world, with a few take aways for us each to add to our practice.

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