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The Art and Power of Storytelling

Phil Parker

2024 Conference

Dr Phil is famous for his therapeutic storytelling - as any of you who have experienced his work before will have discovered.

Skilled storytelling creates powerful and surprising change for people, whether it's used as a standalone process, as an addition to other therapeutic processes or to enhance any communication or training experience.  It is often one of the core skills that separates extraordinary practitioners from good ones.

This fascinating seminar combines the key tools and arts of effective storytelling and metaphors from one of the leaders in the field, to get even more powerful change in every communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why stories work

  • How to build and structure stories for maximum effect

  • ​How to communicate on multiple levels at the same time

  • How to appeal to the unconscious mind

  • The structure of the day will include:  A fascinating exploration of the latest research into the importance of stories delivered with Phil’s captivating style.

  • A deep dive into creating stories and communicating on multiple levels.

  • A clinical demonstration by Phil using these skills.

  • A full debrief and discussion of the demonstration.

  • Course requirements:  The curiosity of a wolf

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