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The Dance of being and doing

Ian McDermott

2021 Conference

The longer I work with people the more convinced I am that this is probably the single most important thing we can offer as coaches, trainers, consultants and parents. Sure we can offer skills, insights and experiences but having this capacity makes any of these potentially transformative in a quite different way. In my experience a different kind of change - and consequently impact - becomes possible. Why? Because you are more aware and connected to the moment, and of what is emerging. You have a field awareness uncontaminated by preconceptions and a need to know. By mastering the balance of being and doing you can take purpose and presence to a whole new level - and perhaps even find what transcends both. Increase your impact in this way and everybody wins. I’d like to show you how you can help this happen.

You will learn...

how to heighten your awareness of the field you are working in, and of what’s emerging – and help others do the same.

how to savour moments more fully – ‘last times’, ‘new beginnings’ and everything in between.

how to deal with what typically gets in the way and prevents this happening.

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