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The Fired Up Leader: Dancing with Grace Through the Fire

Cherry Africa

2022 Conference

As leaders forging your team forward in these extraordinary circumstances, you are also moving closer towards opposing forces that will test your commitment — uncertain market forces; resistant energies; more confusion and lack of vision.

Visionary leadership is not for the faint-hearted; nor is it for the impulsive, hasty and reckless. The problems facing leaders are notoriously intense. You are expected to decide with courage through a brutal series of volatile changes happening in your environment and with your people. Hence, whatever the goal is, leaders must build both ambition and vision.

There is a dance happening in the intersection of the ego and the soul of leadership that’s coming to play as the world is reset by a global crisis. Cherry calls this mystical force of leaders the Dance of Grace. With grace, leaders learn to anticipate the future with fierce resolve and face ambiguity with higher consciousness. You build into your plans the kind of resources you will need to win through people and with them. The bodies start to adapt, and the mind toughens.

When the mind and body are disciplined to move with passion even through the chaos, the great neural coupling happens and there is awakening that unfolds. This session is fuelled by Cherry’s tons of NLP-driven experiences with leaders and teams as human beings move forward with their body and spirit-beings to blend roles and missions; ambitions and visions to recreate new worlds of possibilities.

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