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The Meta Model Rewritten

Darren Stevens

2024 Conference

Language is key not only to communication but also as an insight into your client's construction of their world.

This becomes apparent when we expose the thinking behind the meta-model to levels of self-awareness, as you will learn that a high level thinker will not say 90% of the phrases we are taught in the traditional meta-model.

You will see from the research how this is true, and you will get a chance to practise this in the room with colleagues equally intrigued about developmental level meta-modelling.

As NLP Professionals, we are familiar with the Meta-Model and what it means. However, if we introduce it to the various theories of adult development, the entire premise behind it changes.

You will learn how to use the language patterns within the traditional Meta-Model in a completely new and improved way. You will no longer address the sentence but instead the developmental thinking behind the sentence, thus enhancing your linguistic skills in the process.  Not only this, you will begin to understand how developmental levels are important in coaching, and how to read them in your client's language patterns.

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