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The Meta Place

Michael Hall

2023 Conference

Meta is a space, a place.  Meta is a very special place because it is there that we experience human life in the unique way that we do. It is there that we experience the uniqueness of being a person, aware of our self, and engaged in the human adventure. Meta is where that we create and invent “reality” as we perceive it and then, from there, live out that “reality.”     Where is this meta place? It is in your mind.  It is not your brain, mind you, but your mind.  Your brain gives you the mechanism for creating it--- the mysterious mechanism of self-reflexive consciousness. 

Beyond thinking and feeling, you reflect on your thinking and feeling, and at multiple levels to create your meta place.  As an infinite process, it never ends.  

We have lots of meta-terms for this meta place---beliefs, values, decisions, identities, expectations, permissions, and on and on.    It's in the meta place that you do reality construction, it is where trauma and wounding occurs, it is where therapy and healing occurs, it is where the unleashing of potentials occurs, in fact, everything uniquely human comes from this place.  Until now there's been no structure to this meta place, but now there is.

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