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The Power of Mindset

Robert Dilts & Mickey Feher

2023 Conference

The power of mindset has been known for thousands of years in human history. Great teachers, philosophers and scientists alike have agreed that our mindset matters a lot. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” according to Shakespeare.     

In this interactive presentation you will learn about the latest scientific viewpoint on mindset and Robert and Mickey will share their research results about how mindset is structured and can be aligned for successful outcomes.     

You will hear two examples of famous female leaders and how their powerful mindset shaped their career. One is Oprah Winfrey, the first female African American billionaire and the other is Katalin Kariko, a scientist of Hungarian origin, who was instrumental in inventing the vaccine for Covid 19.    

You will also learn about how we tend to hold our beliefs in the form of story, and how that story defines our experience of life. As Jung said the most important question in life is “what myth are you living?”. We will take you through an experiential process of understanding your mindset journey, which will support you in whatever next step you are planning as an entrepreneur, coach or trainer.    

You will leave with more clarity on what myth you choose to live and how you can enter your own personal zone of genius and be an architect of your mindset.

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