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The Route to Health and Success

Magdalena Bak-Maier

2021 Conference

We find success and true joy when we integrate. Combining cognition, emotional-limbic resonance, embodied practice and spiritual energetic connection, accelerates learning, growth and healing. Explore a process that helps you come into your full power and stay there. You will be introduced to the mind, heart, body and sprit framework based on the latest neuroscience insights and assisted in seeing the impact that specific synergies and internal conflicts have on how you feel and what you achieve in life, work, and your career. You will walk away inspired and equipped with practical tools and activities you can use again.

You will learn...

how the nervous system supports health and brilliance.

how your presence and attunement to your true state facilitates powerful shifts.

conscious experience of your level of integration and how this impacts your current and desired life.

a bag of practical tools to use with others.

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