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The Secret of personal transformation

Julian Russell

2021 Conference

Making the most of what is great about you is not enough. True self actualisation only takes place when you have turned your deepest wounds into gifts.  You have your resources pulling your forward and your old disempowerments slowing you down. Healing techniques reduce the disempowerment, but only when you have turned your old wounds into resources can you express your full potential.  Your old difficulties become part of the wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm that you offer to others. The deep wisdom you have received from your old hurts can have an exponential effect on you vision, calling, talents and resources.  This transformation model draws on my own personal journey.  

You will learn...

to have a greater appreciation of your own journey.

how to assess in yourself and others where you are on the journey of personal transformation.

new ideas about what to do help yourself or others take their next steps in self-empowerment.

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