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The Undiscovered Country: How to Live in Your Own Heartland

Nick LeForce

2024 Conference

Our lives are nested in a vast mystery and we have little support or guidance in how to live, much less how to live a beautiful life.

To me, the single, most important factor in living well is how you walk the landscape of your soul.  Walking this landscape is the only way to become yourself.  Until you take the journey, you live only as the world would have you live.  You live your fate.  But if you wish to seek your destiny, you must encounter the world with soul.

Come explore your own Undiscovered Country and learn how to live in your own heartland.

Learning Outcomes

Through guided meditation, poetry, and interactive exercises you will learn:

  • A map of the archetypal journey that can help guide you to your own heartland

  • ​How to use the map as a diagnostic tool for yourself or your clients to develop your own inner sanctuary, a place you can return to at any time and be yourself

  • Four perennial questions to help you live a beautiful life

  • How to craft your own beautiful questions that move you and others from the head to the heart

  • ​A simple technique to engage the power of your unconscious in achieving goals

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