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There is more to conflict than meets the eye

Anneke Durlinger

2021 Conference

The word conflict stems from the latin word Con and Flictus, meaning together and colliding. Coming from the NLP presupposition 'The map is not the territory', is not enough to effectively deal with the conflict. In order for you to constructively deal with conflicts, it is important to distinguish the different sorts of conflicts there are. And, secondly, it helps to know what elements feed a particular conflict. Of course you want to approach a conflict in a mature and sound way. However, in daily practice you can often see that people either avoid the conflict or (the opposite) provoke the conflict. How do they gain from these different approaches and what is the underlying belief?  Based on the knowledge and wisdom of the above, how do we then approach the conflict in a way that leads to a win-win-situation?  

You will learn...

the different sorts of conflicts, which helps you to make a more accurate analysis.

your 'favourite way' of dealing with conflicts and how this relates to values and beliefs.

the potential of conflict to contribute to quality of the interaction and what it takes to actually realise this.

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