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Time Shifting

Jerry Seavey

2021 Conference

In this TimeShifting workshop you will apply vital NLP techniques that have an immediate impact on your behavior, emotions and the strategies you can use to manifest delight in the moment as well as with your goals and outcomes. Time influences your decisions and alters your reality. We may be taught time management skills, but few know how to stretch time, shrink time, live in the now and mentally influence time to maximise and actualise enriched enjoyment of life.


You will learn...

how to identify time thieves.

how to slow and stretch time to enjoy an an enriched experience of whatever you are doing, wherever you are.

what is behind and beyond procrastination.

how to vanquish procrastination once and for all.

how to de-stress body and mind by creating the experience of timelessness whenever wanted. 

how to get more done with less resistance.

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