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Toxic Connectivity: Trauma Bonding - How to Safely Disconnect and Regain Agency

Ronia Fraser

2023 Conference

Ever talked to a client, friend or family member, doing your best to convince them to get out of a toxic relationship but it's just like talking to a wall?   Is it all so crystal clear to you looking from the outside in but they keep going back?  Maybe you've been or are in this situation yourself and it seems impossible to walk away.    

The reason for that most likely is because they / you are trauma bonded.    Whether you'd like to help your clients better, simply have a professional curiosity about recovery from complex trauma or have been affected personally, this presentation is for you!    

What you will learn in this session is   

- What a Trauma Bonding is  

- What the signs of Trauma Bonding are  

- How Trauma Bonding happens  

- How we can safely and effectively disconnect from the Trauma Bond utilising NLP

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