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Transcendence: Healing our Collective Story

Richard Bolstad

2024 Conference

This session will will give you the understanding and practical skills to use Julia Kurusheva's NLP-based "Transcendence Process" for collective healing. This process enables you to see beyond the individual challenges that you and your clients face. 

It helps you find resolution by understanding your situation in the contexts of wider collective systems of family of origin, community, culture and time in history. You will be able to frame this process as a deeper empowerment than mere individual "self-help", and as a pathway to genuine forgiveness and loving connection with our collective human destiny. 

From our work in crises such as the war in Ukraine, and the Bosnian war, and our work with social change organizations such as Greenpeace, we see this as addressing the most urgent crises that you and your clients face. 

You will understand how these crises are ineffectively addressed by individual self-help, but can be collectively transformed by your choosing to reconnect with the greater story of history itself.

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