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Keeping it Real: Using NLP in the everyday for Stress and Anxiety

Suzanne Henwood

2022 Conference

We are facing unprecedented challenges in the world. The rate and depth of change is requiring us to find a different way of living, leading and doing health and well-being. The global statistics on stress and anxiety are worse than ever reported and the capacity to help people is just not present in health systems. Some countries are introducing health coaches alongside GP practices, but certainly some of those have a limited time with a client, and a limited number of sessions. 

NLP has, I believe, the potential for teaching people how to self-regulate, to reduce the number of people requiring a higher level of therapeutic services. In this workshop, I will share some of my favourite tools for managing stress and anxiety, which can be taught to clients to enable them to be real in difficult times. To be able to acknowledge and feel what is happening in their bodies and to be compassionate about how they make changes that stick.

I will be weaving in the latest neuroscience of coaching to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and exploring the research-based evidence around what works. If you have clients or colleagues who are showing signs of stress, anxiety, distress … come along and find out how you can introduce simple tools and techniques individually, and corporately, to create wise, compassionate calm.

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