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Using Perceptual Positions with groups & teams

Jeremy Lazarus

2022 Conference

Many NLP professionals would agree that Perceptual Positions is one of the most useful and adaptable NLP techniques, with coaching applications in areas such as sales/influencing, presentations, interviews, conflict prevention/resolution, and several more.

Usually Perceptual Positions is taught as a technique to use one-to-one, perhaps as a coach or consultant. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to use Perceptual Positions with groups (for example, as a trainer/consultant or as a team coach):

-to give delegates in an NLP workshop an experience of the Perceptual Positions topic even if there’s insufficient time to do a full session on Perceptual Positions;

-to design exercises for in-house group trainings, e.g. sales teams, management teams, diverse groups where there is a desire for improved performance (perhaps due to tension, poor communication or inter-departmental friction);

-to explore or develop an organisation’s strategy (for executive teams and boards or directors).

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