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Values: An Invaluable Tool

Jeremy Lazarus

2021 Conference

‘Values’ (i.e. what is/are important to us) is an invaluable tool to improve our results and satisfaction in life.      

In this highly-participative session, you will learn how to use ‘Values’ when selling, managing, motivating, recruiting, team-building, improving relationships and making choices.  Leading HR specialists have said that if every manager used this, it would transform the workplace. All relationships depend on it. Great sales-people and careers coaches use it consistently.    If you apply what you learn in this session your results are bound to improve significantly. 

At the end of the session you will know how to work effectively with values, including how to:  

-find out someone's values   

-find out someone's key values in any context  

-use this knowledge to sell, manage effectively, make choices, improve work and relationship satisfaction, and improve teamwork  

-coach people in the above.

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