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Whole Being Permission and Alignment

Art Giser

2024 Conference

Do you have a feeling that you’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible for you?

Deep down, you know that there is so much more to you that you haven’t tapped into yet!  NLP can align your conscious and unconscious mind.  But there is more to you than that.

In this session you will clear energetic, spiritual and unconscious blocks and create Whole Being Permission and Alignment by aligning your spirit, soul, conscious mind, unconscious mind and body to create more success and happiness.  You will also update “spiritual contracts”.

This session will be easy, fun and life changing.

Learning Outcomes:

Integrating NLP with spiritual principles and transformative energy work.  Delegates will align the agendas of the different aspects of themselves (spirit, soul, conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body) to create more success and happiness.

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