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Workforce Solutions Group

Why we set up


Through our lives we meet numerous people who cast doubt or opinions on individual abilities and skills. These judgements are sometimes misplaced, and no matter how good the positive intention, they have frustrated and held individuals and teams back. We as a company want people to break free of labels and judgements and understand. We believe #Thinkingmakesitso


What we do


Workforce Solutions Group enables individuals, teams and organisations to be the best they possibly can be in their sector.  We help to set and achieve goals through understanding, saving time and resources.


How we do it 


We do this by measuring Cognitive Diversity using MindSonar®. 

Through MindSonar® we provide coaching, facilitation and understanding, so individuals and teams are more productive and have choices in business and in life.


Who we work with


We work with start-up companies and leaders of engineering and technology companies, healthcare organisations in the private and public sector. 


We develop and train professionals to measure cognitive diversity using MindSonar® . Those attending the MindSonar® programme come from coaching, HR, leadership positions and learning and development backgrounds. Training is delivered via face to face,  zoom and eLearning.


Why are we different


Workforce Solutions Group are the only Master Coaches and trainers in the UK for a unique psychological measurement system called MindSonar® which identifies specific meta programmes (thinking styles) and values in a given situation/context.

Our vision


Our vision over the next five years is to create a network of Certified MindSonar® professionals applying MindSonar® within their businesses, to enable precise cognitive understanding and remove the fixed labels of traditional psychometrics.





Based in Leicestershire working nationally and internationally we set up in 2010 and have steadily grown our client base offering unique solutions to team and business development using NLP in the workplace.

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